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For those living in Malaga and Costa del Sol it’s easy to see how comfortable and easy living in Southern Spain is, but when it comes to business and legal, a little help might be needed. In today’s post, we want to approach you to a whole new chance to enlarge your business that is growing stronger; investment in Malaga. The most helpful link on the internet dedicated to investment in Malaga is http://www.investinmalaga.es/ . Here you can find everything you need to know to start an investment, from bank offering support to a map of productive spaces and land supply.

Description of the Site

In this website – available also in English – we can find every kind of information needed for investment. This service is provided by Idara Invest and the Provincial Investment Office, which aims to promote the Malaga province as a key point for investors. For this, the Provincial Investment office offers to entrepreneurs and investors a wide range of supporting tools. One of them is “Investor Advice and Consulting”, with a high-qualified technical team, the Office offers a very complete catalogue of advisory services and full assistance to set up a business project such as support in finding funding, management with public sector, finding partners or finding a space where to start up the business.

Why choose Malaga

Malaga is the chosen destination to live for 1.7 million people, which means a huge flow of development, industries, technology and human resources in general. Along with a great climate experience, Malaga offers a huge number of opportunities, whether in Malaga city, coast cities (such as Marbella, Estepona, Fuengirola…) or inland (Antequera, Ronda…). The most known economic engine in Malaga is Tourism, with a big influx of tourists from Spain and from abroad. However, agro-industrial sector offers also a lot of possibilities, thanks to the production of the main and most typical aliments of Mediterranean cuisine such as olives, olive oil, grapes (and wine) and a huge range of fruits, leading the production of avocados. Malaga also has a technological sector, with investments and I+D and with the help of Malaga University and the Andalusian technology park.

Banking and Investment

The project set by the Province Investment office is powered by numerous important organs, such as university of Malaga (UMA), Malaga Provincial Council, Malaga Chamber of Commerce, Andalusian Technology Park and many more. All these powering organisms are described in the webpage, offering complete information. One of the most important is the “Planning and Development Society” Sopde.es. This Society a creation with the aim of support local economic growth, providing technological tools, support and projects to private entities, some of their tools are the “Provincial Investment office” (before mentioned), the “Malaga Business Angels” and the “Support service to SME’s”.

Investors guide

This interesting tool is orientated mostly to the legal aspect of setting up an investment within the province. It can be considerate almost as the most important one. This guidance, also available in PDF format, is a detailed guide of how to make and investment successfully in Malaga in 9 easy steps. It might seem just a few steps to such an important matter, for your relax, we said before there is a full section dedicated to help to investors as Investors advice and Consulting and also the organism previously detailed will be helpful to that matter. The steps are numbered as follows:

  1. Scope of the work.
  2. Alternatives for setting up a business and operating in Malaga.
  3. Sole trader (self-employed worker).
  4. Different corporate forms.
  5. Main forms of operating without an own establishment.
  6. Principal taxes.
  7. Main labour and employment aspects.
  8. Principal aspects of immigration legislation.
  9. Main labour and employment aspects.

Giving a quick overview to the steps before mentioned, we can see they consist in basic details to bear in mind when setting up a business operation and overall a “decoding” of the relevant laws regarding taxes, public registry, commercial companies, self-employment, different kind of taxes, code of commerce and employers legal regulation among others.

Guide to Productive Spaces

This point, mentioned at the beginning of the post, looks pretty interesting; it is very interactive and practical. It consists on a map of the province, with all the productive spaces and plots available along the province. It gives you the possibility of selecting the whole province or look for spaces in just one city or area. When clicking a space, it shows all the information about it, like, the name and address, the total area space, year of construction, type of constructions (i.e. warehouses). With another click, it shows all the features, like broadband, near public transport, access to roads, domestic waste bin, access to natural gas and electricity and so on. In the third tab we can find all the services available around or in the space itself such as nearby cafeterias, gas station, postal service and so on. Finally in the last tab we can find the information about the promoter, with the full name, contact email and phone number and full address.

Business Opportunities and Investor Tools

In these last two spaces, we can find, in the first place a Business opportunities finder, either by map searching or list searching.

The second and last tab is about investor tools. Maybe of the most important aspect when setting up a business either as an entrepreneur, a self-employed or an investor is knowing what are their helps, grants and subsidies. The page has a filter searching system so the view can be about all the subsidies and grants or just only about the ones interesting for us i.e. credits, guarantees, subventions or awards. Right now the general search shows 179 results, a wide number of possibilities that can absolutely boost our business.

To sum up, we have seen all the great opportunities that Malaga province brings to us and the facilities handed by either local or general government. Investment and entrepreneur initiatives are growing stronger every day and it seems like a tempting chance to grow bigger on your business career and give investment in Malaga a chance.

 We offer legal services in Malaga, coast cities such as Marbella, Fuengirola etc, and inland cities such as Antequera or Ronda. Our English speaking lawyers are registered in the Malaga Bar Association.

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