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selling a property

When selling your property is essential to have the proper advice in order to ensure fulfilment of the legal requirements of the operation, compliance with the commitments on both sides and to avoid frauds and serious damages to your financial and legal status.

For instance, it is an imperative to the seller to communicate the sale and who is the new owner to the Land Agent to avoid any future liability.

In UNIABOGADOS we will assign a solicitor for your case who will assist you throughout the whole process, will guide you in every step and will supervise the entire operation to make sure that everything complies with the law. We will review the sale contract and negotiate the terms if you need it, answer all your doubts and inform you of any responsibilities you could incur and what taxes you are obligated to pay.

As a guarantee of our services we always provide to our clients with a retainer specifying the total costs of the legal services required (no hidden fees or expenses).

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