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How to prove a fall in the street in order to claim

There is a general principle of not causing harm to another, under Spanish Law; thus, when a natural person or a legal entity causes damage to another, the responsibility of repairing this damage arises, and the person who had suffered the harm has to be financially...

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About NIE and its relevance

About NIE and its relevance In the context of the European Union the transit of people between member countries has become much easier; in general, any citizen of the Union may travel without major complications and without bureaucratic requirements. However, once...

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Malaga in the top ten cities of the world

The ROUGH GUIDES have choosen Malaga as the second best city of the world. You can read the full post on their website. What they say about Malaga? "Founded by the Phoenicians, the ancient city of Málaga has far more to offer than the usual Spanish cocktail of sun,...

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