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For hiring a vehicle you must be a valid driving license holder and make a deposit in cash or by credit card. Additions terms and conditions may apply depending on the company.

Car rental companies offer their services along the coast in Málaga International Airport, Marbella, and almost all the rest of main towns.

When renting a car, an insurance contract must also be signed. The extension of the coverage may vary.

If the renting establishment requests a credit card we do not recommend to let them keep it. We recommend to give them only the card number because when renting a house the credit card is necessary to give security for any trouble arisen during the service.

When hiring a car through the Internet print and take the proof of the website with you. It will be essential for any claim due to a bad service or incident.

Check the car before taking it out from the rental premises and note with the car rental company any scratches or dents.

No one else apart from the person under the name the car is rented can drive the vehicle unless this circumstance is accepted in the renting contract. Always make very clear the terms and conditions of the service.

In the case of a minor traffic accident call the rental company and the car insurer. A friendly resolution form must be filled in and signed by both drivers. If the traffic accident has major consequences call the Andalusia Emergency service on 112.

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